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Pendant Lights

Pendant Lights

Pendant Lights

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  1. Autum Paper String Pendant Light

    Height: 250mm; Width: 310mm; E27; 60W

    R 599.90
  2. Black And White Prism Cage Pendant Light

    Height: 350mm; Length: 1000mm; Diameter: 350mm

    was R 449.90 Special Price R 349.90
  3. Black and Brown Earth Cage Pendant - 380 x 380mm

    Height: 340mm; Length: 1000mm; Width: 480mm; Diameter: 200mm; E27

    was R 649.90 Special Price R 499.90
  4. Geometry Wire Single Pendant

    Height: 1200mm; Diameter: 320mm; E127

    R 899.90
  5. Pendant Light 24w Small Modern Round

    Height: 85mm; Diameter: 450mm; 24W

    R 2,349.90
  6. Pendant Light 28w Small Modern Square

    Height: 85mm; Length: 450mm; Width: 450mm; 28W

    R 2,799.90
  7. Pendant Light 32w Large Modern Round

    Height: 85mm; Diameter: 600mm; 32W

    R 3,429.90
  8. Pendant Light 36w Large Modern Square

    Height: 85mm; Length: 600mm; Width: 600mm

    R 3,719.90
  9. Revolver Lamp Pendant

    Height: 625mm; Diameter: 570mm; LED Integrated

    R 3,299.90
  10. Starlight Pendant Lamp

    Height: 710mm; Diameter: 1000mm; G9

    was R 3,499.90 Special Price R 2,999.90
  11. Stethescope Pendant

    Height: 230mm; Cord Length: 1200mm; LED Integrated; 6W

    R 999.90
  12. Suspended Bar Pendant

    Length: 1200mm; Cord Length: 1200mm; LED Integrated; 13W

    R 1,499.90
  13. Suspended Doughnut Pendant

    Height: 100mm; Cord Length: 800mm; Width: 60mm; LED Integrated

    R 2,499.90
  14. Wire Geometry Tri Pendant Small

    Cord Length: 1060mm; E14

    R 1,799.90
  15. Suspended Doughnut Pendant

    Height: 60mm; Cord Length: 100mm; Diameter: 600mm; LED Integrated

    R 1,999.90
  16. Entwined Pendant Light Matt Black LED

    Cord Length: 1200mm; Base: ; Width: 450mm; Cut Out: LED Intergrated; 30W

    R 2,499.90
  17. Tri Bowl Suspended Pendant

    Cord Length: 1200mm; Base: ; Width: 820mm; Diameter: 220mm; 24W

    R 2,999.90
  18. Black Bird Cage Pendant

    Height: 290mm; Cord Length: 1200mm; Base: 120mm; Width: 160mm; E27; 60W

    R 419.90
  19. Circles Pendant Lamp

    Height: 650mm; Diameter: 540mm; LED Integrated; 49W

    R 4,999.90
  20. Claw Pendant

    Height: 325mm; Length: 360mm ; Width: 360mm; E27

    R 899.90
  21. Concrete Grey Pendant

    Height: 190mm; Cord Length: 1600mm; Diameter: 244mm; E27; 25W

    R 1,259.90
  22. Cone Grey Concrete Pendant

    Height: 218mm; Cord Length: 1600mm; Diameter: 244mm; E27; 25W

    R 1,329.90
  23. Stilt Pendant Light

    Height: 1200mm; Diameter: 80mm; LED Integrated; 12W

    R 1,199.90
  24. Iron Man Satin/Br Pen Satinbrass

    Height: 220mm; Length: 780mm; Width: 630mm; E27; 60W

    R 1,119.90
  25. Dangling Metal and Acrylic Pendant - 300 x 250mm

    Height: 465mm; Length: 1000mm; Width: 480mm; Diameter: 300mm; E27; 60W

    R 999.90
  26. Boomerang Pendant

    Height: 340mm; Length: 800mm; Width: 800mm; E27

    R 1,799.90
  27. Leaf Lamp Pendant

    Height: 400mm; Length: 450mm; Width: 450mm; E27

    R 1,399.90
  28. Long Black Pendant

    Height: 300mm; Length: 570mm; Width: 300mm; E27

    R 1,299.90
  29. Swing Steel And Wood Pendant

    Height: 410mm; Cord Length: 1000mm; Depth: 50mm; E27; 60W

    R 2,999.90
  30. Teardrop Pendant

    Height: 600mm; Length: 450mm; Width: 450mm

    R 1,999.90
  31. Clear Glass Rounded Pendant

    Height: 610mm; Cord Length: 1600mm; Diameter: 350mm; E27; 40W

    R 3,189.90
  32. Opal Glass Ball Pendant

    Height: 470mm; Cord Length: 1600mm; Diameter: 250mm; E27; 40W

    R 1,649.90
  33. Yellow Cluster Pendant

    Height: 350mm; Length: 380mm; Width: 380mm; E27

    R 899.90
  34. Glass And Chrome Medium Ball Shape Pendant Light Fitting

    Height: 400mm; Base: 120mm; Width: 400mm; 60W; E27

    was R 1,999.90 Special Price R 1,499.95
  35. Matt Black Industrial Pendant Light Fitting With U-Shape Bracket

    Height: 430mm; Base: 110mm; Width: 370mm; 60W; E27

    was R 1,999.90 Special Price R 1,299.95
  36. Pendant Light 3 Light Symmetrical Wire

    Length: 4000mm; Base: 120mm; 9W; G9

    was R 2,529.90 Special Price R 1,269.95

90 items