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Outdoor Wall Lights

Outdoor Wall Lights

Outdoor Wall Lights

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  1. Square 1 Way Down-Facing Light

    Height: 148mm; Width: 76mm; Depth: 100mm; GU10; 7W

    R 369.90
  2. Grid Angled Wall Light

    Height: 330mm; Width: 120mm; Depth: 195mm; E27; 60W

    R 629.90
  3. French Black Lantern

    Height: 400mm; Width: 200mm; E14; 60W

    R 829.90
  4. Frosted Glass Die Cast Aluminium Box Outdoor Light - 145 x 400mm

    Height: 400mm; Width: 145mm; Depth: 170mm; E27; 40W

    R 1,549.90
  5. 2 Way Up/Down Wall Washer

    Height: 105mm; Width: 90mm; Depth: 100mm; LED Integrated; 3W

    R 829.90
  6. Special Price R 499.95 was R 579.90
  7. Grid Up-Facing Wall Light

    Height: 395mm; Width: 120mm; Depth: 170mm; E27; 60W

    R 789.90
  8. Double Aluminium Outdoor Light

    Height: 200mm; Width: 100mm; Depth: 80mm; GU10; 9W

    R 1,379.90
  9. Gemini Wall Light

    Height: 65mm; Width: 137mm; Depth: 85mm; LED Integrated; 10.5W

    R 969.90
  10. Alamonte Wall Light

    Height: 260mm; Width: 170mm; Depth: 100mm; E27; 60W

    R 1,119.90
  11. Modern Rectangular Lantern

    Height: 425mm; Width: 120mm; Depth: 150mm; E27; 60W

    R 929.90
  12. R 829.90
  13. Modern Outdoor Die Cast Alum And Glass Lantern

    W:225mm, H:330mm, D:250mm (E27) 1 x 60W (11W ) ES IP54

    R 1,009.90
  14. Silver Square Up and Down Wall Light - 150 x 68mm

    W:125mm, L:125mm, D:27mm (1W) IP65

    R 549.90
  15. Special Price R 899.95 was R 1,009.90
  16. Special Price R 2,199.95 was R 2,509.90
  17. R 469.90
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18 Items